The Map indicates many of the officially listed Rights of Way which crisscross the Plot.

Where possible, people are asked to stick to these evident paths, particularly when walking through the grazing pasture and especially the Hay Meadow. The reasoning here is to maximise the area of grass to be grazed by cattle and to allow the maximum hay crop to flourish and be harvested (an important source of income).

During the Grazing season May to October (generally) we ask people, especially those exercising dogs, to respect the cattle in residence by walking round rather than through the herd and to ensure that their dogs are well under control whilst in the vicinity of cattle.

Some people say ‘why have Cattle on the Plot’? The answer is that The Common Plot historically evolved for the purpose of growing crops and grazing cattle. Without some form of husbandry such as grazing, the wonderful parkland pastures would deteriorate into impassable weed and bramble infested wastelands. The Farmers grazing cattle pay a small fee and this contributes to the considerable cost needed to maintain gates, fences and footpaths. In simple terms the Trustees regard the cattle as essential self financing eco lawnmowers .

access map of stone common plot